Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

A Brava romantic suspense.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
ISBN 0-7582-1563-0


She knew him only as the dark-eyed man, the one who put her in that dank basement. She was only nine years old when she stared into those eyes and understood that something unspeakable lived in them. Though she was saved at the last minute by an unlikely ally, she’s never forgotten that fear. And fear has not forgotten her…


Now the woman who rescued April from that living hell long ago has disappeared, and it’s no accident. Whoever came after her wants April—dead. April has one chance to save her guardian angel before it’s too late. But to do that, she’ll have to break the promise she swore she never would and contact the one man she knows she shouldn't...


Joe Worth’s horoscope said he was in for trouble, but the woman sitting in his office is the kind of trouble any guy would welcome — mile-long legs, blond hair, gorgeous face. She’s also scared. Very scared. Protecting people is Joe’s business, but this time it’s also personal: the woman April wants him to find is the mother who abandoned him. He can only say yes, and that could cost him. A stone-cold killer is out for vengeance — a man who will do anything to keep his dark, twisted past behind him. Anything.

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Redwyne: Grade A:
“Life may not always be pretty. No matter how hard you try to chant the big bad scary is not hiding in the dark corners of your mind, you can’t escape your past. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye illustrates it isn’t the cards you are dealt but how you play them. And EC Sheedy seamlessly directs a large cast of players, demonstrating there are many different hands to be play from the deck. I highly recommend you call the bet, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is a pretty sure thing.”


RT Bookreviews: 4 Stars:
“This excellent book makes great use of complicated family situations . . . laden with mystery ... those who enjoy Sheedy's darker villains will not be disappointed with the plethora of evil characters.”

Jennifer Madsen

Genre Go Round Reviews:
“Readers will kiss the day away reading this exciting tense one-sitting romantic mystery.”

Harriet Klausner

Romance Reviews Today:
“KISS ME GOODBYE is an outstanding, marvelous story that you definitely do not want to miss this month. A carefully crafted story and intriguing people make this a reading experience you’ll love, I promise!”

Carolyn Crisher

Romance Readers At Heart:
“Sheedy writes with quick wit and humor, adding in sexual attraction and an element of suspense that borders on brilliant. I highly recommend KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE.”

Kym Oetting

The Romance Readers Connection:
“An amazing novel of intrigue and suspense, this story is another example of the brilliance of EC Sheedy ... A truly wonderful story.”

Rista Tompkins

Coffee Time Romance:
“...a wonderful read full of humor, gut twisting action, and steamy romance.”


Joyfully Reviewed:
“KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE is a thriller that grabbed me from the first page ... I could not put it down once I picked it up.”


» Read an excerpt from “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” »